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Holiday Charity

The holiday season is a very difficult time for many family’s, especially single parents. This year I have a family in mind that is facing some very very hard times. Her husband has up and left leaving her to care for her two young children all on her own. She is now a single mother living off a part time salary. She is now facing the possibility of losing her house during the holiday season. I am asking my 4-H family to help this need family out. I have made this request in the past and 4-H clubs really stepped up to the plate and donated over $500 dollars in toys and gift cards for a need family in the area. I am hoping we can do this again. This time I am not asking for toys but rather gift cards for clothing and food. Just this past week this single mother had to beg and borrow money from her co-workers to purchase herself and her kids new winter coats. This should never have to happen. Any donation big or small will really go a LONG LONG way. We may not be able to help her keep her house but it would be terrific if for the first time in several years maybe we can make this and enjoyable stress free holiday season for this family.

Thank you for your support.

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