Frankford Township Offers 4-H Clubs Opportunities for Spring Clean-Up

flyer for Frankford cleanupFrankford Township participates in New Jersey Clean Communities (a statewide litter abatement program). If your 4-H club meets in Frankford Township you can get involved in a hands-on program to learn about litter abatement.

Frankford Township offers the following programs:

  • One Day Clean Ups
  • Neighborhood Clean Ups
  • Adopt-A-Road Program…
    And two major clean ups a year!

If your club is interested in doing a neighborhood or roadside clean up to earn grant monies for your club, please contact:

Diane Brauchle, Frankford Township Clean Communities Coordinator
973-948-5566 or

If your club meets in another municipality, contact them to see if they participate in the NJ Clean Communities program.

New Jersey Clean Communities is a statewide litter abatement program created by the passage of the Clean Community Act in 1986. The New Jersey Department of Treasury, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Clean Community Council manage the program.


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