Youth Protection Policy Information

cover to youth protection guideCurrent leaders in the 4-H program have received detailed information to comply with the New Jersey 4-H Youth Protection policy. Abridged information is posted here for reference.

Working with Minors/Youth Protection Training

All leaders working with youth must take the Working with Minors training offered through Rutgers University. There are two ways to do this.

1. Go online, here.
This link will take you to a registration page for viewing the presentation.
2. Attend a Working with Minor in-person training. One is currently scheduled for January 7th at 7:00 pm. Sign-up to attend this training, here.

In addition to the training, volunteers must also review the following documents:

• Guide to Working With Minors (download here)
• Rutgers Protect Minors on Campus policy (download here)

When volunteers have completed these requirements they should initial and sign the Protection of Minors Certification document (download here) and return in to the Sussex 4-H Office.

Background Checks

All volunteers working regularly with youth must go through one of two background check processes.

Tier One

This is an informational background check for volunteers who will not be chaperoning youth overnight. It is conducted by an outside vendor approved by Rutgers (GIS) and requires submission of the volunteer’s Social Security number and recent addresses to a secure website.

There is a $20 charge for this background check (make checks payable to: SC 4-H Advisory Council). To initiate the process Volunteers should forward payment to the Sussex County 4-H Office. (Hard copy versions of the form are available by request to the SC 4-H Office.)

Tier Two

This is a Fingerprint background check for volunteers who will serve as overnight chaperones. This check is being done by MorphoTrust, through the NJ State Police.

There is a $40.70 charge for this background check (paid directly to MorphoTrust). Volunteers doing a Tier Two background check should request the appropriate form from the 4-H Office, click here.
MorphoTrust has an office in Sparta to schedule for your fingerprint scan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)…

I don’t use the Internet or email. I don’t trust the safety of (secured) online websites. How do I complete the background check for Tier 1?
We have hard copy forms that you may complete and submit via regular mail. We will forward these to you upon request.

Can we use a County Sheriff’s office to run background checks?

What can be done with the information collected on the background check?
It can only be used for the reason it was requested, i.e., for the purposes of the protection of minors policy.

What does the background check include?
The background check includes criminal checks and checks against the national and state sex offender registries. It does not include credit checks.

Who has to get background checks?
The Protection of Minors policy provides that background investigations of Authorized Adults and those who hold Direct Contact Positions or Job Titles who have interaction with minors must be conducted.

Will the University accept background checks that have been conducted for another reason (e.g. school districts)?
No, the University will not rely upon checks completed for another reason by the New Jersey State Police or another background check vendor.

(1) NJ State law does not allow New Jersey State Police checks obtained for one purpose (school requirements) to be used for another purpose (protection of minors program at Rutgers.)

(2) The University will not accept or review background checks that were completed by any third party vendor except those completed by GIS (through UHR) for the particular purpose of interactions with minors in Rutgers programs.


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