Halloween Happenings 2015


Sussex County 4-H will again be hosting Halloween Happenings.  It is being held Saturday, October 24th from 5 to 8 pm. Since last year was a wonderful success at the Sussex County Fairgrounds, we will again be holding it there this year. We know many will disappointed that it is not being held again the 4-H Camp, but since we feel it is everyone’s best interest and safety to again hold it at the fairgrounds due to the size that the event has grown to. This continues to be a very fun and popular event for our members, but also introduces the public to 4-H. The event continues to be full of fun filled activities and is open at no charge to 4-H members, as well as the public.

Sussex 4-H Families and clubs have supported Halloween Happenings through volunteering.

Areas we are in need of volunteers are:
Hosting a Booth for Halloween Happenings
A 4-H club or family may volunteer to host a both at Halloween Happenings (HH). This involves decorating the booth like area for Halloween. 4-H members from the club(s) may opt to dress to complement the decoration theme. Each booth provides treats to visitors as part of a trick-or-treat trail. Think of this in terms of a ‘trunk or treat’ but minus the trunk. Last year those that did this used pop-up canopies and tables to decorate a space.

During HH we will be offer crafts and small activities in the Shotwell Building. These have included things such as face painting and pumpkin painting. If you or members in your club would like to help with or lead a new craft or activity, please sign-up or let us know.

Parking Assistance
Teenage 4-H members and adults can help to direct visitors to the appropriate parking areas. (Given this is not the most fun, we try to rotate teens to other stations during the evening.)

Teenage 4-H members can help lightly scare those on the hay rides that will be “haunted”. Early (daylight) rides will not include scaring, and may be appropriate for younger children. Later rides will include some scaring (with supervision from 4-H volunteers).

Baked Goods and Candy
We provide free baked goods and treats to visitors. Some have gotten very creative baking Halloween themed treats, but brownies, cookies and Rice Krispie ® treats are always well received! We also try to provide extra bags of candy to all the booths that have set up to off set the cost to them. If you or your club would like to provide some of these, please sign up or let us know.

A sign-up sheet has been set up online. To sign up, click here.

If you have any question please feel free to contact the 4-H office (973) 948-3040.

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