NJ Agricultural Achievement Award-Scholarship

New Jersey residents who are entering their senior year in high school this fall and are planning a career in agriculture or science may apply for the New Jersey Agricultural Achievement Award. One winner will be selected and awarded a scholarship to honor their achievements.

The New Jersey Agricultural Achievement Award, sponsored by Dr. Amy Butewicz, a former New Jersey Equestrian of the Year, was started because of her desire to give back to the community. Worth $500, this scholarship is meant to assist its recipient in beginning their future in agriculture.

The qualifications for receiving this award include submitting an application, found here www.jerseyequine.nj.gov/agachievementapplform.pdf, a resume along with an essay answering the question,

“How has your involvement with 4-H helped to shape your future career choice?”

In addition, a contestant is required to be a current, active member of an organization either on the New Jersey Equine Advisory Board and/or represented at the Youth Reception portion of the New Jersey State Agricultural Convention. Each organization on the New Jersey Equine Advisory Board and a participant of the State Agricultural Convention is able to nominate a maximum of two contestants.

The winner of the Agricultural Achievement Award must attend the Annual New Jersey Bred Equine Breeders Award Luncheon to be held on Sunday, January 26, 2014 in Eastampton and will read his or her essay to the attendees.

Please mail application, resume and essay by January 2, 2014 to:

Attn: Lynn Mathews
P.O. Box 330
Trenton, New Jersey 08625

If you have any questions, contact Lynn Mathews, 609-292-2888 or lynn.mathews@ag.state.nj.us.

Deadline: Member Registration 2013-14

Attention Sussex 4-H Leaders:

The deadline for enrolling new members for the 2013-14 project year is 1/1/2014. To be eligible for State 4-H events, compete in 4-H shows at the 2014 New Jersey State Fair/Sussex County Farm and Horse Show, and qualify to receive 10 day fair passes your members must be registered with the 4-H Office.

You may accept new members after 1/1/2014.

They may be eligible to participate in the Fair–but they will only be eligible for day passes. They will not be eligible for premiums.

To Register 4-H Members

4-H member registration forms are available online, NJ 4-H Member Registration Form

This form may be completed on your computer (Adobe fillable form) or printed and completed by hand. Copies are available at the RCE/4-H Office.

The 4-H member registration form must be signed by:

  1. a 4-H leader
  2. the 4-H member
  3. the 4-H member’s parent

incomplete forms will not be accepted

Completed forms may be scanned/emailed, faxed, mailed or delivered to the RCE/4-H Office

Giving a Real Gift

PrntChld_NatureA large toy retailer recently began airing a commercial where a group of school children board a bus for a field trip to a nature park. Along the way the guide relieves the children’s boredom by revealing they will instead be going to a large toy store where they may pick out any toy they would like.

Now the toy retailer doesn’t hate Nature, or field trips for that matter. Their message is that if you want to be a hero to your children, turn them loose in a large toy store and buy them what they want. In much the same way, fast food restaurants promise busy parents hero-dom if they will only purchase their children “fun” meals.

Surely every child enjoys a toy. And a fast food meal now and again is a necessity for on-the-go families. But both solutions are quick fixes. They momentarily satisfy a desire but do little to feed larger, more essential needs.

Parents who continually feed their children fast food expose them to health risks such as obesity. Likewise, indulging youth with toys and gadgetry confines them to a solitary, artificial and ultimately unfulfilling environment.

Just as we need regular meals to balance our diets, youth need to share meaningful experiences with others to balance their lives. These can take place in environments that contribute to long term growth and development. They may be guided by caring, interested adults.

Returning to the TV spot, what if the fictional field trip had gone to one of the many natural areas in our region? And the kids on the bus had been given the opportunity to see majestic forests or spectacular water falls. Wouldn’t this experience, connecting youth to the natural world, be more enduring and beneficial than a trip to a toy store?

Research tells us we remember and value experiences over material possessions. We are happier when we invest in experiences rather than “toys”. These experiences can connect youth ( and all of us) to a larger, more interesting and ultimately real world.

Children should receive their share of toys this holiday season, but if you really want to make a difference in a child’s life, make a commitment to spend time and give them an experience that will stay with them. This could be as simple as taking a hike along a local trail instead of walking the aisles of a toy store.


LG Cook Summer Camp Registration Open!

LG Cook campers and staff look over the lakeYou can now register for summer camp sessions at the LG Cook 4-H Camp.

And now is a great time to do it! Early Bird rates (a $50 dollar savings) apply until March 14th.

4-H members and Rutgers Employees also receive an additional $50 discount. Please visit the LG Cook Website for details about discounts, programs and the themes for the summer program.

More information to come…

Citizenship Washington Focus


2014 CWF Program

NJ 4-H Members pose for a group photo during CWFApplications are being accepted for the 2014 Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) program held annually in Washington, DC. The program is open to high school age 4-H youth.

It is held at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland just outside Washington, D.C. Using Washington, D.C. as a working classroom delegates learn about the government, citizenship and civic education.

The 2014 CWF program will take place, July 6-12.

To apply, please download the application below and return it to the RCE/4-H Office by 3/1/14.

The estimated cost to attend is $875-900. Support from local 4-H organizations (such as the Sussex County 4-H Foundation) is available to help defray some costs.

CWF Application

More about CWF

Citizenship Washington Focus is a citizenship and leadership program conducted by the National 4-H Council for high school age youth. The program is run for six consecutive weeks during the summer months. It is held at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland just outside Washington, D.C. Using Washington, D.C. as a working classroom delegates learn about the government, citizenship and civic education.

New Jersey 4-H sends 30-40 4-H members and 3-4 adult advisors to Citizenship Washington Focus each year. The learning takes place through energetic workshops, special appointed committees, appropriate field trips (including visits with congressional representatives) and fun social events. Citizenship Washington Focus is a total Washington, D.C. experience.

There are approximately 200 4-H members representing 6-8 different states at the 4-H center during one week of CWF. The cost for the week is approximately $875-900, which includes registration, lodging, transportation, all activities, and most meals. There are local scholarships available to participants through their county 4-H program. Participants may only attend this event one time during their 4-H career. All interested 4-H members must be in the 9-12 grade at the time of application and must go through a local selection process.

Applications are due on March 1 for the conference in July.

Opportunities are also available for college students to attend the program as Program Assistants. The Program Assistants are assigned to state delegations and run the workshops, act as tour guides and hosts. Compensation is provided along with room and board.

Contact the National 4-H Council for details or 301-961-2800.

Rutgerscience Saturdays: Parasites and How They Got That Way

Parasites and How They Got That Way

Be prepared to be grossed out! In this program we will work with Dr. Michael Sukhdeo and his graduate students to explore the ecology and evolution of animal parasites. We will look at the diseases they cause and how it impacts the ecological community.

Download our registration and permission form today. We must have both forms by February 8, 2014 to consider your child registered for the program.

NJ State 4-H Equine Arts Show

Photo of Shya Beth and Dave Foord with Equine Art and ribbonsThis year’s NJ 4-H Equine Arts Show will be held in conjunction with the N.J. State 4-H Horse Bowl Contest on Saturday February 15th, 2014, Somerset County 4-H Center.

It is open to any 4-H member grades 4 to 13

You may display any type of art, craft, or photo may be entered as long as it has an equine theme.

Entries must be received by 10 a. m.

To enter, please use the link below to download an information packet.

Information Packet

4-H Equine Arts Project

The New Jersey 4-H Equine Arts Project is a creative and instructional program, which invites

4-H members to display their artistic talent and imagination, while developing life-time skills and abilities. Participants are able to express their appreciation of the horse through various art mediums, while at the same time they are expanding their cultural knowledge. Art projects enable 4-H’ers to learn the value of developing visual exhibits in areas of specific interest.

Through the various forms of equine art, club members learn about the physical anatomy of the horse, its proportions, skeletal structure, musculature, colors, markings, and behaviors and attitudes. They practice math skills in measuring fabric and patterns, or calculating distance and light settings on a camera.

Equine related craft projects are fun activities for club meetings. Many of the projects can be done together as a club, as well as individually. The “Clothes Horse” division teaches skills that can be economically beneficial to the 4-H’er from a savings and money-making point of view.

The culmination of the project is for the 4-H’er to be able to express him/herself, and to increase the awareness of the 4-H Horse Program to others through the use of graphics and photography. It also allows 4-H’ers who do not have a horse to create their “ideal” stablemate. The boundaries for this project are set by your imagination.

Sussex Teens Perform at Eastern National 4-H Horse Roundup Competition

Two Sussex 4-H teens participated in this year’s Eastern National 4-H Horse Roundup competition held in Lexington, Kentucky. Amanda Clawson and Samantha Elliott from the Bit by Bit 4-H Horse club were selected to join the NJ 4-H team at this year’s event. Amanda and Samantha were members of the NJ 4-H Horse Judging  team.

The NJ 4-H Horse Judging Team was…

  • 9th overall team in conformation classes
  • 7th overall team in performance
  • 9th overall team in oral reasons
  • 7th overall team

Samantha Elliot was recognized as the 23rd high overall individual

The Roundup is the final educational-competition event for hundreds of 4-H members from all over the nation. All are state winners and proudly represent their state in this exciting, educational and competitive program.

Congratulations to Samantha and Amanda on participating in this national 4-H event!

Also participating from Sussex County in this event were Abby Naranjo and Lori Wunderlich as coaches. Their time and dedication contributed to the success of many NJ 4-H horse club members participating at the Eastern National 4-H Horse Roundup. We appreciate their volunteering to make this possible.


4-H Climate & Environmental Summit

On December 12, 2013 & March 27, 2014, students in grades 8-12 are invited to work with Rutgers University scientists to learn about climate change science. Student teams of 5-10 youth and an adult advisor will participate in a series of activities to enrich their understanding of climate change science. They will discuss climate change research and gain exposure to career and research opportunities in climate change related sciences. As part of the summit, students will engage in planning and implementing climate change related service projects in their local communities. Each team will need to be accompanied by a school appointed adult advisor who will also mentor and guide the team in the implementation of their service project.

For more information visit the website at: http://4hset.rutgers.edu/teen-summit/

4-H Goat Extravaganza

4-H member shows breed picture
WSU Jefferson County 4-H member

The 4-H Goat Extravaganza will be held on Saturday, January 11 at the Hunterdon County Senior Center in the Route 31 County Complex, Gauntt Place in Flemington. This year’s event will include a poster/presentation contest, skill-a-thon, quiz bowl, art show, workshop for parents and volunteers, and an ice cream social.

Entry forms are due by December 6.

For more information and entry forms visit the website at: http://nj4h.rutgers.edu/goats/extravaganza/