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Sussex 4-H Invitational Rabbit and Cavy Show

rabbit illustrationThe Sussex County Regal Rabbits Show Group is hosting a Rabbit and Cavy Invitational show on Saturday March 7th. This show is open to all 4-H members in surrounding counties and states. We would like to invite you attend our show and show your animals and support for our Sussex County 4-H.

Click this link to download more information including application materials.

Entries for the show are due postmarked by February 23rd or emailed by March 5th.

Any questions please contact Mackenzie Kratzsch at 973-459-8679 or littlethumpsrabbitry@yahoo.com.
Thank You,
Mackenzie Kratzsch and The Regal Rabbits show Group.

Bow & Barrels Club Scores at State Competition!

Emily Malone shatters a clay pigeon!
Emily Malone shatters a clay pigeon!

The Bows & Barrels 4-H Club competed successfully in a number of New Jersey 4-H Shooting Sports competitions. The club’s members did extremely well! Some have qualified to participate in the national competition. Congratulations to all the members of Bow & Barrels on their achievements!


State Archery Results

  • Jenn Natoli, 6th place overall
  • Tim Straway, 9th place overall

State Shotgun Match

  • Emily Malone, 1st place, Trap Shoot; 1st place, Wobbler; 1st place, Doubles

Emily qualified to participate on the State 4-H Shooting Sports team that will compete nationally.

State Smallbore Match Event

  • Silhouette Relay: Wyatt Bohmann, 5th place; Connor Brady, 9th place
  •  3 Position Relay: Wyatt Bohmann, 8th place; Connor Brady, 10th place
  • CMP Relay: Connor Brady, 6th place; Wyatt Bohmann, 11th place

Final: Wyatt Bohmann, 7th place; Connor Brady, 9th place

Wyatt Bohmann is an alternate to participate on the State 4-H Shooting Sports team that will compete nationally.

State Air Rifle Qualifying Match

  • Silhouette: Wyatt Bohmann, 13th
  • 3 Position Relay: Wyatt Bohmann, 5th place
  • Standing: Wyatt Bohmann, 11th place

Final: Wyatt Bohmann, 9th place

Wyatt Bohmann qualified to participate on the State 4-H Shooting Sports team that will compete nationally.

2014 4-H Round Robin Contest!

Girl shows goat at Round RobinThe 2014 4-H Round Robin Contest will be held Thursday, August, 7th at 8:00 pm in the Ag Arena. The goal of the Round Robin is to determine the all-around BEST 4-H show person in Junior and Senior divisions. Along with this honor goes a $50 check (courtesy of the Sussex County 4-H Foundation).


Competitors for the Round Robin include 4-H members who have won the Junior and Senior Showmanship classes for their animal’s shows during the fair. These shows include:

  • Rabbit/Cavy/Small Animal
  • Swine
  • Poultry
  • Dairy Goat
  • Beef Cow
  • Meat Goat
  • Dairy Cow
  • Horse
  • Sheep
  • Alpaca


Thursday, August 7th from 8-10 pm


Ag Arena


A 4-H Round Robin tests each member’s knowledge and skills with different animals. During the event 4-H members will rotate between stations where they will show and answer questions related to each species. All club species listed above will be represented. Rabbit club members will be required to show a beef cow. Beef club members must show poultry. Get the idea?


If you win your species’ showmanship class, and are going to compete in the Round Robin, it’s to your advantage to learn everything you can about the different species before the event. You could dive into your smart phone for research (and spike your parent’s data plan!). Or, you could visit the barns of your fellow 4-H’ers and get them to help you (preferred method). There are plenty of 4-H’ers around to give you some great hands-on knowledge and experience about their animals!

Devon Schneider Takes Top Honors at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

DSchneider_MD_SheepWoolShow_2014Congratulations to Devon Schneider on her success at the 2014 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! Devon, a member of the Sussex County Shepherds 4-H Club, entered her fleece at the show and took top honors among 4-H fleeces. There were over 700 fleeces entered this year, and while they weren’t all from 4-H members, the quality of Devon’s won out over fleeces submitted from 4-H members from several other states.
This was a great honor for Devon, but not the first for Sussex County. Alexandra Rogers (also a Sussex Shepherds member) won the 4-H competition the last two years. While the Shepherds are a comparatively small club of just 15 members, they’re very accomplished!

Bows and Barrels Competes at Junior State Air Rifle Competition

Congratulations to members of the Bows and Barrels 4-H shooting sports club. The club recently competed in the Junior State Air Rifle competition, with some very impressive results.

Overall, Emily Malone took first place winning the Silhouette competition and placing highly in the Postal and the Civilian Marksmanship Three Position (prone, standing and kneeling) events. Other members from Bow and Barrels also had a great competition. Connor Brady finished third; Blake Dippel, 14th; Alex Definis, 18th; Drew Rosendale, 20th; Jonathan Syre, 24th.

In the Postal competition, Connor Brady finished second with Emily Malone coming in seventh. Also competing, Blake Dippel, 17th; Alex Definis, 19th; Drew Rosendale, 22nd; Jonathan Syre, 31st.

In the Silhouette competition, Emily Malone took first place with a perfect score! Connor Brady took sixth place, Drew Rosendale, 17th; Blake Dippel, 20th: Jonathan Syre, 21st; Alex Definis, 24th.

In the Civilian Marksmanship Three Position competition, Connor Brady took second place with Emily Malone coming in fifth. Blake Dippel came in 11th; Alex Definis, 16th; Jonathan Syre, 18th; Drew Rosendale, 23rd.

Once again, congratulations to members of the Bows and Barrels club on a fine showing in the Junior State Air Rifle Competition!


Sussex 4-H Horse Bowl Members Perform!

After the event was postponed in February due to excessive snow, the Sussex County 4-H Horse Bowl teams regrouped in March for a great performance.

Horse Bowl is an educational project, in which 4-H’ers learn many aspects of the horse and how to work as a team member. Participants enhance their study skills by using selected reference materials. Topics include equine anatomy, conformation, feed and nutrition, evolution, breed characteristics, reproduction, horse management, way-of-going, tack and equipment, styles of riding and the exhibition of horses.

This accumulated knowledge is tested in the form of a contest, similar to a College Quiz Bowl competition. At the contest, 4-H’ers must work together with three other team members to answer questions to the best of their ability.

Sussex County fielded two teams for this year’s Horse Bowl. The Senior team, including Brianna Dunn, Kaela Denno and Nicole Youngclaus, took second place in the competition. In the individual rankings Nicole and Brianna finished among the top ten. Nicole Youngclaus (in her first competition) qualified to join the State Horse Bowl team to participate in the national competition this fall!

The Junior team included Cazzandra Higgins, Sierra Walsh and Kelly Barta—all rookie members to the Horse Bowl competition. The team finished fifth overall with great future prospects!

Somerset County 4-H Small Animal and Herpetology Show

picture of cavySomerset County 4-H will be hosting a small animal and herpetology show on Saturday, February 8th.

Doors open at 7:30 a.m. (entries in no later than 8:30 a.m.). Judging starts at 9:00 a.m.

Small animal entry fees:
$ 3.00 per animal, regardless of breed, type, class, or size
Checks only for all mailed entries
Made payable to: Somerset County Small Animal Clubs

Herpetology Entry Fees:
$5.00 per animal
Made payable to: Sidewinders Club c/o Tom Dietrich

Entries Are To Be Postmarked No Later Than Saturday January 29, 2014.

An additional $ 1.00 fee per animal will be charged for any entries postmarked after January 30. Postmark will determine late fee.

To download registration materials, click here

Register Early

Phone entries will not be accepted. Day of show entries will be accepted for a $1.00 extra per animal fee. Day of show entries must be in showroom and registered prior to 8:00 AM to be eligible to show animals. There will be a $ 1.00 fee for day of show substitutions. Substitution animals must be the same breed and class. All returned checks will be subject to bank fees.

NJ State 4-H Equine Arts Show

Photo of Shya Beth and Dave Foord with Equine Art and ribbonsThis year’s NJ 4-H Equine Arts Show will be held in conjunction with the N.J. State 4-H Horse Bowl Contest on Saturday February 15th, 2014, Somerset County 4-H Center.

It is open to any 4-H member grades 4 to 13

You may display any type of art, craft, or photo may be entered as long as it has an equine theme.

Entries must be received by 10 a. m.

To enter, please use the link below to download an information packet.

Information Packet

4-H Equine Arts Project

The New Jersey 4-H Equine Arts Project is a creative and instructional program, which invites

4-H members to display their artistic talent and imagination, while developing life-time skills and abilities. Participants are able to express their appreciation of the horse through various art mediums, while at the same time they are expanding their cultural knowledge. Art projects enable 4-H’ers to learn the value of developing visual exhibits in areas of specific interest.

Through the various forms of equine art, club members learn about the physical anatomy of the horse, its proportions, skeletal structure, musculature, colors, markings, and behaviors and attitudes. They practice math skills in measuring fabric and patterns, or calculating distance and light settings on a camera.

Equine related craft projects are fun activities for club meetings. Many of the projects can be done together as a club, as well as individually. The “Clothes Horse” division teaches skills that can be economically beneficial to the 4-H’er from a savings and money-making point of view.

The culmination of the project is for the 4-H’er to be able to express him/herself, and to increase the awareness of the 4-H Horse Program to others through the use of graphics and photography. It also allows 4-H’ers who do not have a horse to create their “ideal” stablemate. The boundaries for this project are set by your imagination.