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2014 Bolen Scholarship Awarded

photo of Bolen family and Karleen PerigoCongratulations to Karleen Perigo, 4-H member in the Four Legged Friends rabbit/small animal club! The scholarship was announced prior to the 4-H Rabbit and Small Animal show at this year’s fair.

Anna Maria Bolen was a long-time 4-H clothing leader in Mercer County, NJ. She was a dedicated volunteer who shared her knowledge of sewing and design with her club members and the community.
The Anna Maria Bolen Scholarship seeks to acknowledge a Sussex County 4-H’er who has demonstrated excellence in leadership, helping others, community service and will be pursuing a career in the arts.
Karleen is pursuing a career in music arts and music composition at Sussex County Community College.

Karleen Perigo (right) is awarded the scholarship by Anita Collins and her father.

2014 4-H Round Robin Contest!

Girl shows goat at Round RobinThe 2014 4-H Round Robin Contest will be held Thursday, August, 7th at 8:00 pm in the Ag Arena. The goal of the Round Robin is to determine the all-around BEST 4-H show person in Junior and Senior divisions. Along with this honor goes a $50 check (courtesy of the Sussex County 4-H Foundation).


Competitors for the Round Robin include 4-H members who have won the Junior and Senior Showmanship classes for their animal’s shows during the fair. These shows include:

  • Rabbit/Cavy/Small Animal
  • Swine
  • Poultry
  • Dairy Goat
  • Beef Cow
  • Meat Goat
  • Dairy Cow
  • Horse
  • Sheep
  • Alpaca


Thursday, August 7th from 8-10 pm


Ag Arena


A 4-H Round Robin tests each member’s knowledge and skills with different animals. During the event 4-H members will rotate between stations where they will show and answer questions related to each species. All club species listed above will be represented. Rabbit club members will be required to show a beef cow. Beef club members must show poultry. Get the idea?


If you win your species’ showmanship class, and are going to compete in the Round Robin, it’s to your advantage to learn everything you can about the different species before the event. You could dive into your smart phone for research (and spike your parent’s data plan!). Or, you could visit the barns of your fellow 4-H’ers and get them to help you (preferred method). There are plenty of 4-H’ers around to give you some great hands-on knowledge and experience about their animals!

Seeking Youth Volunteers to be Clover, the 4-H Rover

Clover the 4-H mascot with childDo you have what it takes to be Clover, the 4-H Rover at this year’s fair?
We are looking for 4-H members, 14 and older, who are interested in playing Clover, the Sussex 4-H mascot. Shifts for playing Clover go from 1-2 pm daily (but may be flexible based on availability and interest).
Playing Clover can be very rewarding. Your job is to wander the fair meeting and greeting young children as you go. Just one hour of your time can bring a lot of happiness to children at the Fair.
Please sign-up here if you’re interested.
(Note: It helps if you have a friend or sibling, who can guide you as Clover.)

4-H Information Table at New Jersey State Fair

NJ State Fair LogoThe annual Fair is our best opportunity to recruit new members and volunteers to join and support our 4-H program. To help people learn more about 4-H, we host an information table in the Shotwell 4-H Building during the Fair.
4-H volunteers and parents are invited to help out by staffing the table for at least one 2 hour shift. This involves sharing information about 4-H and collecting contact information from those interested in learning more.
Day passes may be issued for people willing to serve for a two-or four-hour shift. Please contact Michelle Teitsma or Dave Foord to request passes.
You can sign-up online here.

4-H Dog Day at NJSF/SCFHS

NJ State Fair LogoAugust 1, 7:30-8:30 in the tent behind the Conservatory

Shelley Clawson, 4-H leader for Take the Lead, is hosting an hour of games, Rally and fun that will include prizes for you and your dog.
The event is open to current 4-H members. All dogs will go through the Vet Check station and enter through the Conservatory gate only.
Please register using this link.
(Be sure to download and complete the Animal Permit form on the page.)

4-H Fun Day at New Jersey State Fair/Sussex County Farm and Horse Show

NJ State Fair LogoThursday, August 7th from 6-9:30 in the tent behind the Conservatory

The Ag Division of the New Jersey State Fair®/Sussex County Farm and Horse Show will be hosting an event during this year’s fair to acknowledge and thank 4-H members for their contributions to the fair.
Plans will include grilled hot dogs, a disc jockey, and a dunk tank. This will take place under a tent set up behind the Conservancy. The event will be open to all 4-H members at the fair at no cost.
Please join us for food and fun!

We need a little help…

  • Can you provide a grill and grill-er?
  • Are you willing to take a plunge in the Dunk tank?

If you can help, please use this link to sign-up online.


Events in the Ag Area at this Year’s Fair

NJ State Fair LogoThere’s lots going on in the Ag Arena at the 2014 New Jersey State Fair/Sussex County Farm and Horse Show! While some events will take place at their regular day and time, there are many new events to check out this year.

The schedule is pasted below. You can also download a copy here.


Friday, August 1

  • 4-H model horse show 9-11 AM
  • Cloverbud Carnival 12-2 PM*
  • Beef Obstacle Course 4-6 PM (between barns)*
  • TBA 6-9 PM (possible wrestling event)

Saturday, August 2

  • Open Beef Show 9-5
  • Open Sheep Show 9-5 * (earlier start)
  • Woodchoppers Competition 7-10

Sunday, August 3

  • Open Beef Show 9-3
  • Open Sheep Show 9-3* (earlier start)
  • Fiddler’s Competition 3-5:30
  • 4-H Swine Show- Barn 4- 4:00
  • 4-H Rabbit and Small Animal Show- 6-10 PM

Monday, August 4 (split ring)

  • 4-H Dairy Goat Show 9-5
  • 4-H Market Goat Show 1-5
  • 4-H Swine Show- Barn 4- 4:00
  • 4-H Beef Show 5:30-8:00
  • TBA Entertainment- 8:00 PM

Tuesday, August 5- Children’s Day

  • 4-H Market Lamb Show 9-10 AM
  • Cow Kids Showmanship 10:30-12:00
  • Rooster Crowing Contest 12:00-1:00
  • Open time slot- 1-5 (Bluegrass Band tentative)
  • 4-H Market Animal Social and Sale 5-10 PM

 Wednesday, August 6

  • 4-H Junior Dairy Show 9-5
  • 4-H Sheep Costume/Obstacle Contest 7-10 (in barn) *
  • Show-De-O 7-10 *

Thursday, August 7- Senior Citizen Day

  • Colored Breed Open Dairy Show 9-1
  • Oxen Demo 1-2
  • 4-H Breeding Sheep Show 1-6
  • 4-H Round Robin Showmanship 8-10

Friday, August 8

  • Holstein Open Dairy Show 8:30-4
  • 4-H Goat costume contest 4:30-6
  • Rabbit Costume Contest 5:30-7:30
  • 4-H Dog Agility Demo- 6:30-8 *(tentative time)
  • Country Line Dancing- 8:00 * (tentative)

Saturday, August 9

  • Open Dairy Goat Show 9-6
  • 4-H Seeing Eye demo 6-7
  • Turkey Calling Contest 7-10

Sunday, August 10

  • 4-H Alpaca Show 9-3




4-H Club Booths at NJSF/SCFHS

NJ State Fair LogoClub booths are a fun way to share information about your club at the fair. It’s a project that the whole club can plan and work on together. Many clubs find that having a booth at the fair can be useful in recruiting new members.

What goes in a club booth?

The design of a club booth is up to the club’s members, but a theme is provided each year to help members work out their design concept.

Details and suggestions for setting up a club booth are included in the rules for Department 23 in the 2014 4-H Exhibit Catalogue.

2014 Club Booth Theme: Sussex 4-H Then and Now

We are celebrating the 100 the Anniversary of Cooperative Extension. This year’s theme invites 4-H clubs to display how your club or program area has changed over the last 100 years. Some clubs have been around a long time, while others are relatively new. 4-H members should consider change over time as an overall theme. For example, what would it have been like to be in a _____ 4-H club many years ago? What has changed or endured as part of the 4-H experience?
To promote conservation and keep 4-H green, please reuse or use recycled materials in your design. Creative interpretation of the theme and use of green materials will be among the criteria used by those judging the booths.

4-H Leaders

If you plan to do a booth, remember to submit an exhibits registration form for the Shotwell Building. Be sure to list all members who will be working on the booth.

2014 Fair Registration Materials Posted

NJ State Fair LogoThe 2014 Sussex County 4-H Exhibit Catalogue is now available for download at Sussex County 4-H-NJSF/SCFHS web page

The 2014 Exhibit Catalogue and Registration

The 4-H Exhibit Catalogue provides the information and rules necessary to register for this year’s fair. The Bookmarks on the left side of the document navigate to the various 4-H Departments you may choose to participate in. Each Department will provide you with the section and class information to complete your registration form.
(If you are new to 4-H or need help, your 4-H club leader can help you complete the form.)
Registration forms may be downloaded separately (click on the links below):

Registration forms must be signed by the 4-H member, the member’s parent/guardian and a 4-H club leader.
4-H club leaders will collect registration forms for their club.

ALL registration forms and project record books are due in the RCE 4-H Office (130 Morris Tpk, Newton NJ) no later than July 1st.

Incomplete forms (missing signatures) or those turned in after deadline will not be eligible to receive 10-day passes.

I Love the Fair Community Days

flyer for 2014  I Love the Fair DaysTammie Horsfield, President of The NJ State Fair/Sussex County Farm & Horse Show, is pleased to announce the first I Love the Fair Community Day on Friday, May 23, 2014 and Saturday, May 24, 2014.

As a not-for-profit organization, the Fair counts on volunteers to help, not just during the fair, but throughout the year. You are invited to lend a hand!

In addition to volunteers, the Fair is also accepting material donations from businesses to improve the buildings and grounds.

If you’re able to participate or donate, please contact the Fair at, 973-948-5500 or thefair@njstatefair.org.