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Hands On Learning to Change to: Nature’s Kids!

Natures Kids_compositeLast year Hands on Learning voted to change its name to Nature’s Kids to fit the changing of the club. Outdoor activities, Nature and conservation is now the basis of the club.
This summer the club has been very active. They have done kayaking, archery, fishing, went to a firefly presentation, and on a nature hike. They also made care packages for the Appalachian Trail hikers and tie-dyed t-shirts. The club also participated in the Opening Ceremonies for this year’s fair, entered crafts and photos and participated at the 4-H Fun Day the fair. Lastly we collected ice pops (the liquid ones in plastic) and sent them to the USO in Afghanistan. One of our leaders, Matthew,  is currently deployed there.
Nature’s Kids is fortunate to have the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge as well as High Point State Park and Stokes State Forest in their backyard so many future activities will be held there. Some of these will include:

  • weather proofing the benches at one of the trails
  • taking more hikes
  • doing a roadside cleanup
  • making crafts
  • visiting a nursing home
  • building birdhouses and more!

New members are welcome!

Geocaching 101

geocache image 1If you’re not familiar with geocaching, it’s a great game where people hide boxes (or caches) of goodies all over the world and register the geographic coordinates on www.geocaching.com. Using a Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled-device, users are then able to go hunting for boxes/caches. There are likely dozens of geocaches around you right now, waiting to be found!

We’ll have a brief introduction to geocaching along with directions on how to do it. Then you’ll have the chance to go out and find some on your own!

Don’t have a GPS unit? Don’t worry! We’ll have GPS units available for you to try out.


Saturday, June 7th 10 am to 12 pm


The Brandwein Nature Learning Preserve is just over the PA and NJ borders in Greenville, NY (enter 397 Minisink Turnpike, Port Jervis on your car’s GPS) The Preserve is on Minisink Turnpike just past the intersection with Logtown Road.
You can also click here, for a link to Google Map directions.


Kevin DeVizia (known to geocachers as Captain Math) will explain the basics of how geocaching works, how you can do it and the fun you’ll have doing it. We’ll have sample geocaches set up so you can try out your skills right away.

Before you come…

If you are not a Sussex County 4-H member, please download the release form here. (Copies will be available on site.)