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NJ Agricultural Fair Ambassador Competition

Kayla Vaughan 2014 Ag Fair Ambassador
Kayla Vaughan 2014 Ag Fair Ambassador

The NJ Agricultural Fair Ambassador competition is coming up on Sunday, Nov. 2. Each year the Agricultural Division of the New Jersey State Fair®/Sussex County Farm and Horse Show sends a nominee to participate in the competition. Last year, our representative, Kayla Vaughan, was the winner and became the NJ Agricultural Fair Ambassador. The Ag Ambassadors are expected to attend the NJ Agriculture Convention in February to represent their respective Fair.

In order to compete, the representative must be a single male or female between 16-21 years of age, and will be required to submit an application, resume and essay and will need to give a short speech at the competition. Contestants will be judged on their presence, their public speaking and knowledge of New Jersey’s agriculture and its agricultural fairs.

Joan Smith, President of the Ag Division of the Fair, will be accepting letters of interest from anyone who would like to be the Ambassador for the NJ State Fair/Sussex County Farm and Horse Show.

If you are interested in representing the NJSF/SCFHS at NJ Ag Convention, please send a letter by email to Mrs. Smith at jbsmith11@embarqmail.com.

In the letter please detail the reasons why you would be a good ambassador for agriculture in Sussex County and our Fair.

The deadline for the letter is September 25.

The Ag Division officers will review the letters and choose a representative.

2014 Sussex County 4-H Representatives

2014 representatives for Sussex 4-HCongratulations to our Sussex County 4-H Representatives for the 2014 New Jersey State Fair®/Sussex County Farm and Horse Show.
These members distinguished themselves through exemplary knowledge and proficiency developed during their time in 4-H and were selected to represent their respective project areas.
Their role was to educate fairgoers about 4-H and respond to questions about their project area. They did an excellent job representing our Sussex County 4-H program!

Pictured here (l to r): Elizabeth Kuperus (Dairy), Megan Annecchiarico (Rabbit/Small Animal), Halee Sytsema (Beef), Victoria Rolando (Poultry), Blake Simeone (Swine), Samantha Elliott (Equine), Emily Fisher (Sewing/Construction), Sussex County Honey Princess (not a 4-H department)

Not pictured: Paul Hongisberg (Alpaca), Christina Boutillette (Goat), Joseph Gunderman (Sheep)

2014 Fair Registration Materials Posted

NJ State Fair LogoThe 2014 Sussex County 4-H Exhibit Catalogue is now available for download at Sussex County 4-H-NJSF/SCFHS web page

The 2014 Exhibit Catalogue and Registration

The 4-H Exhibit Catalogue provides the information and rules necessary to register for this year’s fair. The Bookmarks on the left side of the document navigate to the various 4-H Departments you may choose to participate in. Each Department will provide you with the section and class information to complete your registration form.
(If you are new to 4-H or need help, your 4-H club leader can help you complete the form.)
Registration forms may be downloaded separately (click on the links below):

Registration forms must be signed by the 4-H member, the member’s parent/guardian and a 4-H club leader.
4-H club leaders will collect registration forms for their club.

ALL registration forms and project record books are due in the RCE 4-H Office (130 Morris Tpk, Newton NJ) no later than July 1st.

Incomplete forms (missing signatures) or those turned in after deadline will not be eligible to receive 10-day passes.

I Love the Fair Community Days

flyer for 2014  I Love the Fair DaysTammie Horsfield, President of The NJ State Fair/Sussex County Farm & Horse Show, is pleased to announce the first I Love the Fair Community Day on Friday, May 23, 2014 and Saturday, May 24, 2014.

As a not-for-profit organization, the Fair counts on volunteers to help, not just during the fair, but throughout the year. You are invited to lend a hand!

In addition to volunteers, the Fair is also accepting material donations from businesses to improve the buildings and grounds.

If you’re able to participate or donate, please contact the Fair at, 973-948-5500 or thefair@njstatefair.org.